Audition Day 2017 Fall (9/9 & 9/10)
  • Plan to be there for the full 2 hour session. Wear comfortable clothing. Try to avoid socks and stockings since the material can make it easier to slip.
  • When you enter the studio you will need to take an audition number and fill out the information form.
  • We will start with warm ups and stretching so everyone is energized and ready to dance.  🙂
  • Then we will continue with an across the floor segment which will highlight kicks and basic footwork (salsa, bachata, etc.).
  • You will then learn a section of two Pulso Latino choreographed pieces.  During this process you will get the opportunity to ask questions and run it a couple of times.
  • Finally you will perform both pieces in groups.

( Reminder: No professional or traditional experience is required. The most important part is to bring your smiling faces and have fun.)

– Selena ’18